BGS Ambulance

BGS Medical Unit Ambulance is dedicated to excellence in emergency medical services and occupational medicine, as well as to promotion of high medical practice standards. We save our patients’ lives and improve people’s health out of respect for life.

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  • Protection of people’s health with love and devotion, especially of those people who have an urgent need / medical emergency;
  • Total responsibility, for successful interventions in the optimal time; Incorruptibility, moral integrity in relation to the patient;
  • Professionalism and medical ethics, in order to achieve HIGH PERFORMANCE;
  • State-of-the art technology, using intelligence and precision in order to improve health;

The BGS Ambulance is ready to save lives, having an adequate equipment:

  • 25 ambulances
  • 280 transport service vehicles for dialysis patients
  • 23 medical professionals serving the specialised emergency medical service
  • 380 drivers for the Ambulance service and dialysis transport service
  • Occupational medicine services, general practice, medical analyses, internal and international medical transport, dialysis transport

Emergency situations

BGS Ambulance provides medical assistance for various medical emergency situations, offering its clients modern means of transport, with high performance equipment and highly qualified staff. The ambulances respond rapidly with teams consisting of a doctor, a nurse and an ambulance driver.

For the situation that require the transport of patients to the emergency rooms, BGS Ambulance concluded agreements with specialised hospitals and clinics within the country and within Europe.

The medical emergency assistance includes:

  • Emergency consultations;
  • Emergency laboratory analyses (blood collection at home / company office);
  • Emergency investigations: computerised electrocardiogram, pulse oximetry, respiration functionality tests;
  • First intention therapy;
  • Prevention treatments (vaccination);
  • Emergency medical transport to the most adequate hospital for admission;
  • Emergency issuing of medical documents: medical certificates, prescriptions, medical certificates for illness/health, medical referral/admission letters, death certificates.
  • Assistance at public demonstrations / events or sport events: competitions or other sports events, cultural events (shows, concerts), film productions, fairs and exhibitions, various meetings, events taking place at sports and leisure facilities.

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Ambulance service activity has seen an upward trend from one year to an increasing number of cases where BGS medical crew was required to intervene. Thus, the number of applicants for grade 0 emergency (vital) increased in 2014 by 11.5% compared to 2013, the number of average emergencies by 14.2% and the total number of requests by 13.5% .

An Urgente grad 0 Urgente medii Total solicitari ambulanta
2017 3.415 12.146 15.561
2016 3.347 13.860 17.207
2015 8.429 12.160 20.589
2014 4.045 15.595 19.640
2013 3.500 11.026 14.526
2012 4.238 10.875 15.113
2011 3.195 6.688 9.883
2009 3.464 6.354 9.818