Securing the protection of your family, properties, home or your company, is an achievement that can be done with relatively low investment through systems that warn the entry of unwanted persons in a certain space. Alarm systems are composed of central system, keyboard, motion sensors, horn and optional panic button.


1870 RON

BGS Technical Department performs the structure, installation and connection of the security system to the BGS Dispatch, wich will supervise events as burglary, panic, sabotage, fire control system, network failure, battery discharging, buzzer circuit issues.

Fully configurable and solving custom and unique needs of beneficiaries, the alarm systems have a large scale of applications from unicameral homes to office buildings with hundred of spaces and rooms. The alarm systems can be installed in any location, and are also designed to be relocated by the beneficiary upon request. Thus, beneficiaries who use rented spaces can move the equipment to other locations at any time. Special alarm systems are a solution for most of the special needs. Pet owners can always rely on equipments which will not trigger the alarm at the pet’s movement.

As an option for the alarm system, the panic button is both useful either the beneficiary is located inside the protected area or near access areas such as entrance doors, terraces and so on.

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