Monitoring – Intervention

The BGS Monitoring and Intervention Department disposes of a computerized dispatching system and an important number of early intervention teams, located on the field. At the request of the dispatcher in service, in case of an event that occured at the headquarter of the beneficiary (burglary, panic, sabotage, fire, system control, network failure, empty accumulator, circuit buzzer problems), the BGS intervention teams act in the shortest time to solve the problems.


110 RON / month

BGS  provides the clients with a monitoring dispatcher available 24 hours out of 24, 365 days a year. Additionally, the BGS intervention agents are specially prepared, equipped with powerful cars for a rapid movement, lethal or rubber bullet weapon, pepper or paralysing spray, bulletproof jacket, emission – receival station with a high communication power, appropriate equipment for interventions (boots, outfit with the company marks and helmets against vandals).

Monitoring and Intervention has two separate activities:

1.  The MONITORING of alarm systems through BGS dispatch maintains the link between the connected alarm systems and the mobile intervention crew  in order to mobilize them in case of alarm.

BGS dispatch receives the alarm signal from our customers, triggered either automatically or manually if the panic (hold-up) button is pressed by the beneficiary. The dispatchers mobilizes the early intervention crews depending on the type of alarm signal (fire, burglary, panic), and also if necessary other intervention forces such as fire, police or any other force the situation requires.

2. In case of receiving an alarm from the connected subscribers, INTERVENTION is being done by our early intervention mobile crew an in conformity with 36th art. (5) of 333/2003 law. If there’s a situation „where self force is overwhelmed by the magnitude of events, the competent police unit must be notified through the dispatcher  in order to apprehend the offenders and investigate the crime scene. Otherwise, after the seizing the criminals, they must be handed over in the shortest period of time to the competent territorial police unit”.

The Monitoring and early Intervention service is suited for: 

According to 28 arth (1) of 333/2003 law, „head leaders of units that store assets, values and storage support for documents, data and informations which are classified as state secret are compelled to ensure the security, the mechanical and physical means of protection and alarm systems angainst breaking and entry / burglary in the storage and handling facilities, as well as in places in which activities with the same character are developed”. The same law provides at paragraph (2) of the 2th article that individuals can ask for personal protection services of specialized companies.

Therefore, Monitoring and Intervention service is mainly intended to:

  • Private property, apartments and villas;
  • Notary offices, accounting firms;
  • Bank branches;
  • Office buildings;
  • Stores, premises;
  • Hotels, guesthouses;
  • Public institutions, military objectives;
  • Private or public schools.

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People placed at the disposal of the Police for investigation

The value of goods recovered by BGS agents (Lei)


2017 109.482 112 412 297.215 41
2016 106.168 516 464 295.300 47
2015 103.003 344 260 217.700 37
2014 157.560 736 587 333.010 75
2013 99.616 481 641 210.542 126
2012 71.495 376 556 140.200 115
2011 56.006 350 502 100.267 90
2010 59.540 369 558 83.655 78
2009 28.174 326 613 77.295 303
2008 10.147 120 120 27.605 127
2007 6.004 5 46 16.323 59
 TOTAL 807.195 3.735 4.759 1.799.112 1.098


The results of the monitoring and rapid intervention activities certify the efficiency and professionalism of the Rapid Response crews, with all the detected offenses finalizing with the alleged offenders being placed at the disposal of the Police for investigation.

Nota: All the information presented can be proven with verbal proceses.