Certifications and Licenses

Specific legislation of security and guarding firms:

Operating Licenses According to Art. 20 (2) of Law 333/2003, “specialized firms of security and protection are operating on the basis of the license issued by the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, with the prior approval of the Romanian Intelligence Service, for at least one of the items of activity mentioned at par. (4), which can be renewed every 3 years”. On the account of this notice, the BGS company is licensed to perform:

  • Security services of objectives and goods, valuables and consulting;
  • Security services of valuables transportation and consulting;
  • Bodyguard services and consulting in the field.

Additionaly, according to Art. 34 (1) of Law 333/2003, “individuals or juridical persons may perform design, manufacture, installation and maintenance activities of alarm systems against intrusion or of their components, only based on the license issued by the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police, renewed every 3 years, and with the prior agreement of the Romanian Intelligence Service, issued within 30 days“. BGS owns a license for these types of activities as well:

  • Installing alarm systems against intrusion;
  • Maintenance of alarm systems against intrusion;
  • Design of alarm systems against burglary.

Quality Certifications

The warranty and firmness of our present and future commitments are based on our willingness to continually improve the performances and on the constant concern to satisfy the needs of security and tranquility of our clients, through quality control of the activities, so that all the customers receive the highest quality services. In this respect, safety and security, monitoring and intervention, ensuring events activities are certified according to the integrated management system Quality-Environment-Health and Occupational Security.