The activities of the BGS group 
are focused on a key element:


Since its inception as BARTGUARD SERVICES SRL in 1994, the BGS Security Division has evolved intelligently, pragmatically and in a trend with the most advanced techniques and technologies in the field. BGS Security Division currently offers reliable, innovative and customer-centric services that are constantly controlled and improved by Customer Satisfaction Measurement (Customer Care).

Company’s Identity

The BGS group consists of BGS Security Division, BGS Monitoring and Intervention, BGS Security Control, BGS Tehnic,  BGS Medical Division and BGS Association For People.


1994: The company BARTGUARD SERVICES LLC is founded, initially offering only security services with guards accompanied by service dogs.

1995: The polygon for the training of the service dogs is available for use, the activity is expanding, providing intervention against burglary also, with the first equipments. The BGS dog training school starts the collaboration with other police units from the NETHERLANDS and the U.S.A.

1996: The first private training room for guards is inaugurated, equipped with the most modern apparatus and equipments at that time.

1997: The first powerful land cars are purchased for force interventions, in places difficult to reach or against a large number of offenders.

1998-1999: The demand for private security services is developing, several organization are requiring to ensure the security of some sporting and cultural events. The number of private training rooms is increasing(boxing, bodybuilding, martial arts).

2000: BGS is collaborating with Antena 1 to broadcast the show Brigada Mobilă and with the Romanian Police in “Operation Luna”; it is organizing the first national powerlifting championship.

2001: The portfolio is expanding with another two services: transport security of valuables and the bodyguard. BGS establishes the “BGS Sporting Association Boxing Club”.

2002: The monitorizing dispatcher is inaugurated, quick interventions are ensured by staff equipped with speed motorcycles as well. The company obtaines the authorization to use weapons with bullet while at work.

August 2003: The company BGS SECURITY DIVISION LLC is established, with the object of activity “the activities of investigation and protection of goods”. This continues and expands the activity of the company BARTGUARD SERVICES LLC, founded in 1994 by the same shareholders; the name of the new company marks the belonging to the BGS Group of companies and to the “BGS – The Definition of Safety” brand.

2003: The second company of the BGS Group is established: the Medical Division, in order to complete the Definition of Safety. BGS becomes the first group of companies that provides protection on all levels.

2004: The share of investments proportionally increases with the expansion of activities, along with increasing the BGS brand reputation. Thus, the auto park is supplemented, as a consequence of a significant development of the client’s portfolio.

2005: The BGS SECURITY DIVISION LLC Company occupies the first place in Top Companies from the 3rd district in Bucharest, prize awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest and the 3rd district Town Hall. The “BGS Association for Disaster and Calamity Situation” is founded, a non-profit body, through which the BGS Group conducts ample humanitarian and social awareness actions, participating in saving of many lifes from natural natural disasters (floods, heavy snows, dissapearances and so on).

2006: The company occupies the first place in the “National Top of specialized security guards”, category “Large Enterprises”. The title was awarded by the Security Services Employer’s Association, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest.

2006-2008: The increasingly important demand of private security services of quality determines the pronounced development of the company, the latter recording double turnovers in 2007 and 2008. Simulataneously, the process of expansion on a national scale is getting started.

2009: Company becomes member of the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce and launch the procedure for listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

2010: The company has national coverage for security services and for monitoring and rapid intervention services dispatchers burglary in Bucharest and in five major cities: Bistrita, Deva, Galati, Ploiesti, Timisoara.

2011: The company ranks 1st in the “National Top of Specialized Security Companies” category, “Large Enterprises” category. The title was awarded by the Patronate of the Security Services, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Municipality of Bucharest and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania.

2012: Setting up a school of weapons.

The Mission of the company

Be the main supplier and integrator of private security solutions, by means of the quality of the services provided and by the satisfaction of the customers. Continuously develop our services and occupy the I place on the market, nationally and regionally.

The Vision of the company

BGS is and will remain the company providing private security systems, setting out the standards in Romania, exceeding the expectations of the customers, of the employees and of the shareholders.

The Values of the company :

Customer orientation
We constantly refer to the needs of the client, we respect his/her privacy and freedom, we ensure through the most appropriate methods the tranquility and security, measuring his/her satisfaction.

It is the principle that characterizes all the BGS  services and the reason for which our customers trust us.

we keep our promises, commitments, regulations, customers, partners and the employees, as we want to be respected in turn.

We respect the company if we loyally respect the rules and the regulations in the field, the state authorities and we collaborate institutionally with these for maintaining the general status of legality;.

Resources awarness:
we are aware that a healthy business and a good working place require respnosible and efficient expenditure.

We wish to promote services available to any client, because security is not a luxurious need anymore, but a stringent one.

the competition with ourselves and with the highest standards in the field lay at the basis of the development of our company.

We share the same experiences, the same challenges and the same success, winning only together, because we have confidence in ourselves.

BGS translates to integrated management, having triple certificate:
  • Certification of the quality management system – standard ISO 9001
  • Certification of the appropriate environmental management system standard ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001 Certification for Health and Safety at Work.
Over time, BGS has won numerous awards:
  • 1st Place „Topul Naţional al firmelor specializate de pază”
  • 1st Place Topul firmelor Sector 3 Bucureşti, Mebru al Camerei de Comerț Americane,
  • L1st Place in Top 100 Profit România 2009.

Deontological Code

BGS respects and implements the following deontological principles:

  • Recognizes law supremacy and the Police as the only public authority empowered in authorizing, control and guidance of specific activity of guarding the goods, valuables and the protection of individuals;
  • Pays due respect to the competition it faces, does not use reprehensible or anti-competitive actions;
  • It is responsible to the beneficiaries over the quality of specific activities undertaken and to the public authorities over the way the law is complied with;
  • Ensures the employees optimal working conditions, at high standards of health and safety, the most risks exposed employees benefiting of appropriate protective equipment;
  • A qualitative work requires an appropriate payment; BGS adequately rewards the effort of its employees to maintain the quality of services to the highest standards;
  • The security services provided by the company respect the right of the individual to life and privacy, as long as the individual is not breaking the law, these services taking place only within the frame of law;
  • Staff recruitment procedures are based on objective criteria, nondiscriminatory, within the law limits and within the requirements of the beneficiaries of services (in terms of skills and personal experience);
  • It does not allow its employees to have an antisocial, offensive behaviour while working and outside work;
  • The employees who were removed from a society of the kind, for serious misconducts or for some crime committing, cannot be employed at BGS;
  • Staff training is carried out in terms of law, according to the specific of the activity; initial training is followed by regular periods of trainings at work or within organized manners;
  • The company uses fair tariffs and acts in order to discourage the use of prices that are not not economically justified.

Deontological principles from which the employees of the BGS do not go astray, are the following:

  • Develop no activities prohibited by law or infringing the right of individuals of life privacy;
  • Under no circumstances do they apply corporal punishments, encourage or tolerate torture acting or inhuman or degrading actions;
  • Perform the commands given by superiors, carrying out their assigned tasks in good conditions, refraining from complying with those ones obviously illegal.