About us security services

1994 - Usual start, full of will and aspirations.
 It was the year when we created a new paradigm on the security services market by
 stability,predictability, development, modern working methods and increase of the team’s performance.
All these values were and currently are our guideline in our daily activity,
be it security, technical, medical services or social involvement.
BGS Team


• 2897 employees

• 700 motor vehicles in BGS car fleet
• over 50 000 beneficiaries of BGS services





• 1547 employees dedicated to security services
• over 600 facilities with human security
• over 20.000 facilities monitored at national level
• 80,840 alarms received on an annual basis
• 8700 average number of interventions / month
• 8938 persons surrendered to the police
• over 60 events in which we provide security on an annual basisa





• 105 experts in the technical team
• 20.000 installed alarm systems
• 3100 installed video systems    
• 28 H.I.T. systems






• 444 experts in the medical field
• 1500 domestic transports
• 899 ambulance interventions
• 4720 persons transported for dialysis
• 20 ambulance teams
• 360 teams for transport for dialysis
• 3128 annual beneficiaries of the occupational medicine service
• Over 70 events in which we provide medical assistance





• over 14,000 donated toys
• 28 blood donation campaigns
• over 5000 kg of food stuffs donated
• over 500 families helped per year
• 7 editions of Happiness with a toy
• 2 editions of CrosInvers
• 12 ani de campanii umanitare in satele din judetul Buzau
• over 200 volunteers within BGS
• 64 collaborator volunteers



BGS Group Members:

BGS Monitoring and Intervention Division / BGS Security Control Division / BGS Security Division / BGS Technical Division / BGS Medical Unit / BGS Events Division/
Asociatia BGS Pentru Oameni / Asociatia BGS pentru Situatii de Dezastre si Calamitati



Certificates and licenses

The guarantee and determination of our current and future commitments are based on our desire to continuously improve our performances and our permanent preoccupation for satisfying our clients’ needs for security, by quality control of the activities, so that all of our clients benefit from services of the highest quality. In this respect, the activities of security and protection, monitoring/intervention and event assuring are certified according to the integrated management system Quality-Environment-Health and Occupational Security.

ISO 9001:2015 – RO 3871  /  ISO 14001:2015 – RO 1395  /  OHSAS 18001:2008 – RO 560

BGS Company is licensed to conduct the following:

  • Security services for the facilities and goods, valuables, and consultancy;
  • Security services for transports of valuables and consultancy;
  • Bodyguard services and consultancy in this field;
  • Installation and maintenance of alarm systems against intrusion; 
  • Design of alarm systems against intrusion;
  • Installation and maintenance of systems for signaling, alert and alarm in case of fire;