The activities of the BGS Group 
are focused on a key element:


The BGS Medical Division is part of BGS Group, along with the BGS Security Division and with the BGS Disaster and Calamity Division Association. BGS Medical Unit ambulance is dedicated to excellence in emergency medical services and in labour medicine and in promoting high standards of medical practice.

The mission of the company 

Be the main private provider of emergency medical assistance and labour medicine, through the quality of the services provided with professionalism and devotion and through the customer satisfaction. Constantly develop our services and be the first on the market, nationally and regionally.

The vision of the company

BGS Medical Unit Ambulance is and will remain the company providing emergency medical and labour medicince services which outline the standards in Romania, exceeding the expectations of customers, employees and shareholders.

The values of the company

Care with love and devotion:
of the health of the people, especially those having an acute need / a medical emergency;

total, for successful interventions in optimal time;

Incorruptibility, moral integrity:
towards the patient;

and Medical Ethics, to achieve performance;

because we face the taughest challenges and we guarantee by the quality of the services the membership to the BGS Group;

efficient logistics, reciprocal respect;

Latest generation technology:
putting intelligence and precision into value so as to improve health;

our services are and will remain accessible to anyone.


2003: BGS Medical Unit Ambulance was founded having the aim of providing the medical market with a service based on speed of response, professionalism and western standards. The new company founds the BGS Group together with the BGS Security Division, thus completing the BGS package of services created for the total safety of the individual. The activity developed at the beginning had been emergency medical assistance (ambulance), recruiting for this purpose 45 health professionals (doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, dispatchers). From logistical point of view, the BGS Medical Unit Ambulance had an ARTI ambulance type (resuscitation and intensive therapy ambulance), 4 ambulances A type and 20 Matiz automobiles, all directed to medical care at the home place – being the initiator of this service on the medical market in Romania. Moreover, BGS Ambulance was the first to introduce the 4×4 ambulances and the motorcycles, for emergency medical interventions in areas difficult to reach.

2004: In January, the Department of Labour Medicine is established. At the same time, the new investments in ARTI ambulances and the quality of the services characterized by professionalism and high speed response, confers the BGS Ambulance a place among the top three providers of emergency medical services from Romania. The service packace ambulance + labour medicine had been enthusiastically received by the market, reason for which the first 150 contracts with private companies were concluded.

2005: A year of growth and consolidation, the number of clients and the medical partners gets double. The BGS Ambulance takes part to large humanitarian actions, to saving the victims of the floods, and to searching the missing children. The summer of this year marks an important moment in the history of the BGS Group: the BGS Medical Unit Ambulance and the BGS Security Division establish the non profit Association “BGS for Diaster and Calamity Situations”.

2006: The third section of activity got started, by establishing the BGS Clinic, formed by the first specialized medical cabinets: Psychology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics. The emergency medical assistance was equipped with 6 more ARTI ambulances, a fact that positioned the BGS Ambulance on the I place on the market, in terms of capability and logistics.

2007: BGS Ambulance becomes a national leader on the medical transportation section for patients treated by dialysis (the fourth section of activity), with working centers opened in all areas of the country: three in Bucharest, one in Bacău, Braşov, Brăila, Buzău, Constanţa, Oneşti, Oradea, Piteşti, Ştei. Furthermore, another unique medical service is launched on the Romanian market: specialized medical transportation by ambulance plane all over the world. The BGS Clinic is the FIRST private clinic that works 24h/24, on an emergency regime. It goes on involving in social events. The BGS Ambulance implements new projects, so that the promise made to people is always respected: reaching the first, providing the best services…

2009: BGS ambulance becomes a member of the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce and founding member of the Association of Private Ambulance Services in Romania (A.S.P.A.R.)

2010: Seven years after its launch, the BGS Ambulance enjoys a major expansion, benefiting of reputation and appreciation. The continuing increase continuă of the number of requests and subscribers, points out the fact that people perceive the services of BGS AMBULANCE as extremely interesting and necessary, choosing us, for our speed of response firstly, and secondly, for the professionalism of doctors and for the approach of the company of getting close to the people and last but not least, because of the very accessible prices!

Company’s identity

We have the satisfaction that in 2003, the BGS Medical Division managed to impose itself as a leader on the medical private services market and to assign the quality standards on the emergency medical assistance area:

  • the fastest speed of response;
  • the best selected medical staff, specially trained and dedicated to the needs of patients;
  • the largest auto park with the most efficient and adaptable vehicles (from ARTI ambulances – resuscitation and intensive therapy, up to 4×4 ambulances – for rough land and motorcycles – in order to enter areas difficult to reach);
  • the most reliable specialized equipment, at Western standards;
  • the best and most flexible packages of services;
  • the best quality / price ratio – all these in order that the beneficiaries of our services to continue to believe in our strength and consider us the safest provider of private medical services from Romania.

The competitiveness of our company has been repeatedly recognized and highlighted by the prestigious partners with whom we collaborated: foreign and Romanian private and public medical clinics.

BGS translates to integrated management, having double certification:
    • SRAC Certification of the quality management system – standard ISO 9001
    • IQNET Certification of the quality management system – standard ISO 9001
Over time, BGS has won numerous awards:
      • First place in Top Bussines Romania, a top made on Romania, Bucharest, 3rd district, for General nursing activities.
      • First place in Top Profit Romania, a top made on Romania, Bucharest, 3rd district, for General nursing activities.
      • First place in Top Profit Romania, a top made on Romania Medium Enterprises, Bucharest, 3rd district, for Human health activities.
      • American Chamber of Commerce in Romania – Membership Certificate 2009 BGS MEDICAL UNIT
Compania MEDICAL
Compania MEDICAL
Compania MEDICAL
Compania MEDICAL

Reglementări și licențe

Specific legislation of family medicine services,occupational medicine,emergency care and firstqualified help:


The BGS Medical Unit S.R.L. Ambulance holds the following certificates and operating licenses

  •  Opinion of medical and occupational health no. 4565/14.10.2003;
  •  Opinion on emergency medicine nr. 4663/11.12.2003;
  •  Certificates issued by the Department of Public Health of Bucharest nr. 93521/17.02.2004 (for medical specialties and occupational medicine) and nr. 93521/17.12.2004 ( for emergency medicine);
  •  Operating authorization for ambulance service nr. 2194/17.12.2004, issued by the Ministry of Health – Public Health Directorate of Bucharest, Ambulance BGS is authorized to engage in-hospital medical care and health Transport, the conditions laid down by order of the minister of health nr. 270/2004, concerning medical aid before hospitalization.
  •  ISO 9001.