Lost Children

Dedicated to its mission of saving the lives of those in difficulty, the „BGS Division for Disasters and Calamities” Association participated since 2004 to several searches for missing children, with the financial support of the support of the rescuers in the BGS Security Company and BGS Medical Unit Ambulance; this is one of the four main directions of their humanitarian efforts (together with floods, snow removals, donations for those in deprived areas).

Thus, among the approximately 20 cases during the past years, the most well-known were the following:
  •                       2004  –  Searching of missing child Vlad Tudor, disappeared near his mother close to Cocoş monastery and found dead in Babadag forest
  •         August 2005  –  BGS mobilized rescue teams to find little Andreea Dodan, disappearead from Plopeni village, Constanţa
  •               Mai 2006  –  BGS rescuers on searching a child called Radu, disappeared from Chiliile village, Buzău. He was found and stabilized with the help of BGS Ambulance
  • Septembrie 2006  –  Searching for little Marian Iordache, 2 years old, disappeared from his grandparents yard, in Hăneşti, Botoşani
  •   Noiembrie 2006  –  Searching for little Roxana Iakab, disappeared from Hoghiz, Braşov
  •     Februarie 2007  –  Searching for 9 years old child Stoica Adrian, of Sinteşti, Ilfov
  •       Ianuarie 2008  –  Searching for 12 years old girl (Mariana Rainea), in Chitila (Ilfov)
  •               Mai 2008  –  Searching for 3 years old child Ali Sezer, of Constanţa county
  •   Octombrie 2008  –  Searching for a 4 years old little girl of Giurgeni, Neamţ county, that has been found on this action
  •         August 2009  –  Searching for 7 years old boy Costi of Techirghiol (Constanţa county), disappeared in Rânca resort, Gorj county

In al these cases, the rescuers were brought together by a desperate phone call from the family members, who contacted the call center at the BGS Security Division. Also, the BGS Security Division became involved in preventing this phenomenon, taking part on May 25, 2008, in the press campaign „Is your child safe?”, together with „Jurnalul Naţional.

In addition to these cases, when children were reported missing at the Police, the present security activities in leisure areas in Bucharest involved the BGS agents in finding lost and desperate children (12 only in the past year) who were unable to locate their parents or guardians.