A helping hand


”A helping hand” 2014

On 15 November 2014, the 17th edition of the “Stretch a Help Hand” campaign took place. Over 100 people were receptive and donated blood. The partners of the campaign were: Clic Magazine, Redis and Blood Transfusion Center Ploiesti.


BGS Ambulance a helping hand, 16th edition.

On Saturday 9.11.2013, the 16th edition of the “A Helping Hand” the National Blood Donation Campaign  took place, where about 200 people donated blood.


The idea of ​​setting up the Association came from actions taken in Ialomiţa County, Bărbuleşti commune, a severely affected area by the 2004 floods. BGS Rescue Teams, then only agents of the BGS Security Division and BGS Ambulance Doctors, left for the villages flooded. The purpose of the humanitarian caravan was to save the people affected, to provide medical support and to transport food and clothes.

The BGS caravan was alongside those affected, saving goods and evacuating dozens of people, offering medical treatments and aids. The only hope on Easter came from BGS, the rescuers celebrating celebrations alongside the flood victims, to whom they offered a paschal table close to the traditional one. In 2004, there were actions in Dragoieşti and Fălcoiu

In 2005 Timis County was also seriously affected, and July brought a new wave of floods in the south of the country. Other villages were swallowed by water. Hundreds of destroyed households, hundreds of people left without a lifetime of agony. Rescue teams were present in the counties of Olt, Teleorman and Vrancea. At this point, team members had become officially rescuers. They joined the authorities, also operating in these cases in the most at risk.

Ialomiţa was on the black list of the counties affected by the rains of September 2005. The most dramatic situation was registered in Bărbuleşti. The first rescue teams arrived at the site were those of the BGS Association. For 12 hours, the rescuers fought the waters and the cold, saving 250 locals.

BGS rescuers arrived in Rast (Dolj County) in April 2006 in 5 land vehicles with which they carried three motor boats, a boat, a fiberglass boat, life jackets, diving equipment, geeks , strings, torches and the rest of the equipment needed in flood situations. Arrived in the disaster area, they found that they were the only rescuers on the scene. They were divided into teams and rescue operations started. Thus, they helped the Police transport the entire archive in the dry area, in real danger of destruction. They evicted 3 people hiding in the bridges of the houses, refusing to abandon their goods. In addition, they saved dozens of animals abandoned and in danger of drowning.

Snow removal

In February 2012, Glodeanu Silistea Commune, Buzau County was heavily affected by massive snow and blizzard falls. In some places the snow exceeded 7 meters in height, covering both houses, barns, animal shelters. The over 4600 inhabitants of the commune were in a situation of calamity. Dozens of people have been stuck in their homes, the vast majority of them being old and with poor health. Most of the wells and fountains were unusable and covered by trojans. The commune could not receive food or water for 2 days due to impracticable roads. In the commune there were deaths due to the blizzard. BGS, together with its partners, the Baneasa and Lujerul bread factories, gave a helping hand to people in need.

BGS moved 210 agents and 42 state-of-the-art vehicles to Glodeanu Silistea. In addition, the extreme off-road bugs of the BGS were taken to the village to access the most isolated homes. Using 95 shovels specially purchased for this trip, the BGS rescuers have cleaned many houses in snow, created access racks for wood stalls, animal stables, fountains / wells. Some of the houses required the freeing of windows and doors for the evacuation of the residents. On behalf of the BGS Medical Division, nurses and doctors participated in the action, consulting the people who had health problems on the spot.

Actions of this kind also took place in Râmnicu Sarat, Lehliu and Chiliile. These actions add to the effort of the BGS Medical Division, which works at the maximum capacity for the displacement of dialysis patients by field vehicles.

BGS has also cleared the Glina puppy shelter. The strong wind and the snow took control of the Glina area, Ilfov, where the shelter is located. The Disaster and Calamities Division team, BGS, intervened to give a helping hand and participated in the snow removal of the 300 community dogs in charge of the Second Chance Association.

Lost children

Faithful to the mission of saving the lives of those in difficulty, the BGS for Disasters and Calamities Association, with the financial support and rescuers of the companies BGS SECURITY DIVISION and BGS MEDICAL UNIT AMBULANCE, participated since 2004 in numerous search actions of missing children. The most publicized were:

2004: Searching for child Vlad Tudor, disappeared near his mother near Cocos Monastery and found breathlessly in the Babadag Forest.

August 2005: BGS mobilized rescue teams to find little Andreea Dodan, missing from Plopeni village, Constanta.

May 2006: BGS rescuers participated in the search for child Radu, disappeared from the village of Chiliile, Buzău. It was found and stabilized with the BGS Ambulance. September

2006: Searching for little 2-year-old Marian Iordache disappeared from the grandparents’ yard, situated in Hăneşti commune, Botosani. November 2006: Searching for little Roxana Iakab, disappeared from Hoghiz, Brasov.

February 2007: Searching for Stoica Adrian for 9 years, from Sinteşti, Ilfov.

January 2008: Searching for a 12-year-old girl (Mariana Rainea) in Chitila (Ilfov).

May 2008: Seeking child Ali Sezer, 3 years old, from Constanta County.

October 2008: Search for a 4 year old girl from Giurgeni, Neamt County, found after the action. August 2009: Search for child Constantin Velcev, 7, from Techirghiol, disappeared in Rânca resort, not found after the action.

In all these cases, the rescuers were mobilized following desperate calls from family members of the missing, received at the BGS DIVISION SECURITY dispatcher or by the BGS Group leadership. Also, BGS SECURITY DIVISION has been involved in the prevention of this phenomenon by participating in the press campaign “Is your child safe?” On 25 May 2008 alongside “Jurnalul Naţional”. Besides these cases, where children were declared missing at the Police, in the current guarding of some recreational areas in the capital, BGS agents also faced situations of finding lost and desperate children, which are not found their parents / supervisors.


For 8 years the BGS Disaster Relief and Disasters Association through its volunteers has managed to reach dozens of isolated villages to bring them food aids around Easter and Christmas
20.12.2007 Within the Zoom campaign on Romania, BGS distributed food and hygiene products to the needy people in Bacau. BGS crews distributed products to 200 families in difficulty.
24.04.2008 45 land vehicles loaded with food and sweets reached this time in the six villages of Chiojdu commune in the Buzau mountains
13.12.2008 Humanitarian operation BGS: Dani Oţil, Izabela Caragea and Catalina Mihăescu were BGS Savior for one day
Over 40 specially equipped terrain vehicles for extreme winter conditions and relief have gone to Chiliile, an isolated mountain village near Buzau, and offered them help.
17.04.2009 On the occasion of the Easter holidays, BGS initiated a humanitarian action to help the people from disadvantaged areas of Buzău
21.12.2009 Within the Zoom campaign on Romania, BGS distributed food and hygiene products to the needy people in Chiliile, Buzău.
23.11.2010 During the period 01-16 December, BGS member divisions gathered aids that were distributed between the 17th and the 24th of December in need of the needy people from the isolated localities in the area of ​​Chiojdu commune – Buzau County.
16.12.2011 Members of the non-profit rescue association BGS have helped the people from the isolated villages of Chiliile commune, Buzau County. “Mosel BGS” has delivered eight tons of food to over 300 inhabitants living in isolation and poverty, located in five villages spread across several hills.
18.02.2012 The Association for Disasters and Calamities BGS through its volunteers arrived in Vrancea County to take humanitarian aid to Ploşcuteni. The convoy of 12 field cars arrived at the people and divided 360 bags of food.
22.02.2012 The BGS Savior went to the Pinocchio Children’s House in Sector 3 to get help.
19.12.2012 The BGS Saves have arrived in Chili with over 300 food packages.
18.12.2013 BGS reaches the Chiliile, convoy of 12 cars.