Joy with a Toy


2200 people, over 5000 donated toys, Proconsul, Bere Gratis, Stephen Stan, Band 0, 4 talented children, this is the balance sheet of the second BGS charity concert – Joy with a Toy.
The evening of December 14 was dedicated to the children in the placement centers for which this event was created. BGS has set out to gather a large number of toys in as short a time as possible. In just 4 hours, more than 5,000 toys were donated, reaching 10 counties, at 53 placement centers. Over 2,000 children had Christmas new toys.
In addition to donated toys, money was donated to two children with serious health problems. The participants contributed to the painting of 3 paintings, one of which was auctioned at the event, the money raised after the auction and the donation urn reached the two sick children.
The painting was auctioned for Liana Stanciu, a colleague from Magic FM. Liana promised that the picture will have a special place in the Marie Curie Hospital.

More images from theevent here


December 8, 2013, at Hard Rock Cafe, the first concert in Romania took place at which the entrance ticket was a toy. Stephen Stan and 4 talented children from Next Star offered a memorable evening, and the viewers, with a simple toy, brought joy in the heart and light in the eyes of the children.

About 2500 toys have been donated to abandoned children from 4 Romanian cities: Bucharest, Buzău, Giurgiu, Campulung Muscel.

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On September 7, 2014, CROsinverS BGS, the only cross-country in the country to run for charity back, was launched for the second time. For each participant, 10 euros were donated to the child for whom the person enrolled.
Approximately 600 people ran 1 km behind their backs for the three children: Roberta, Mihai and Horia, so 6,000 euros were donated. The participants had so many moving moments, the meeting with Mihaiţă, as well as the sweet moments offered by Gift Solutions, 7 days, Carrefour and Belvita. Also, all those who participated in CROsinverS had the opportunity to paint one of the 3 paintings that were auctioned online, also to support the three sick children.
The photos from the event are available here.

We thank the sponsors who have been joining us this year: 7 days, Gift Solution, BCR and Himalaya, media partners, participants, volunteers, and last but not least the Mereu Foundation Near.



On September 7, in Romania, the first cross-country race was held to support 3 children with serious health problems. Why with your back? To be aware of how difficult it is to do something that you are not used to, as it is for children, to sick people to do normal things.
More than 600 participants ran 1 km behind Emi, Luca and Cristi, and for every kilometer run BGS together with sponsors donated 10 euros. In total, 6,000 euros were donated, which contributed to improving the health of the three children.

The Crosinvers project was enrolled in a competition awarding the best Corporate Social Responsibility projects in Romania and second place in the Health category.