To benefit from free monitoring and intervention, the victim must prove the abuse with the following documents:

  • Identity Card copy;
  • medical certificate – in case the victim cannot afford the costs of such a certificate, the cost will be settled by AVON – call *2866 (no charge) or email;
  • proof of registration of the complaint to the Police that attests the subject matter of the complaint and the identity of the parties;
  • A certificate from the Owners Association to state that the person against whom the criminal complaint was filed does not live at the address corresponding to the monitored objective BGS (this certificate should be renewed every 3 years);
  • Copy of the property title or the rental / commodity agreement that the person whose life, physical or mental integrity or freedom is endangered by an act of violence and the aggressor do not own the property that corresponds to the property the BGS is monitoring;
  • Written proof (Protection Order under Article 23 of Law No 217/2003 republished) which states that the access of the aggressor to the dwelling is restricted or limited;
  • In case the potential client does not live in an apartments’ block , a declaration on his/her own responsibility which states that the person against whom the complaint has been filed does not live at the address corresponding to the monitored object BGS. The declaration will be renewed every 3 months

The monitoring and intervention services are free for a 12-month period. The monitoring equipment is the property of BGS and it is in the custody of the client.

For women in the following cities:

  • București
  • Ploiești
  • Câmpina
  • Timișoara
  • Galați
  • Brăila
  • Bistrița
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