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BGS Security and Protection Department offers logistics and security agents for:
Human security, Access control, Security targets in fixed or mobile positions, irrespective of whether these positions are located at the headquarters of private or public institutions, inhabitants associations, Parks, Educational institutions, Shopping centers, Sports facilities, Hotels and restaurants, Warehouses for building materials or stores and other outlets. BGS security agents have the obligation to warn, to remove and/or to stop foreign persons to enter illegally within the target area. In extreme situations, they may request by dispatcher, the help of BGS early intervention teams.

Note: According to 2nd  art. (1) of 333/2003 Law, “companies, regardless of social capital and other organizations that have goods or values ​​in any capacity referred to in this law, are required to ensure their security”.

Duties of a security agent:

  • to know the locations and vulnerabilities of the perimeter and to prevent any actions likely to harm guarded units;
  • to guard the goal, goods and values ​​mentioned in the plan and to ensure their’s security and integrity;
  • to allow access to the target objective only in accordance with legal regulations and national rules;
  • to stop and legitimize those who have been revealed through data or other evidence that they committed crimes or other illegal acts,  those who violate internal rules established by regulations inside protected area, and if flagrant crimes occure, to stop and surrender to police offenders, goods or values ​​that are the subject of the offense or other unlawful acts, taking measures for their preservation or guarding, also compiling a report for such measures;
  • to inform it’s supervisor immediately and the head unit chief on the occurrence of any event during performance of service and action taken;
  • in case of damages caused to facilities, pipelines and water tanks, fuels or chemicals, electrical and telephone networks and in any other circumstances which are likely to cause damage, immediately to submit to people in charge’s attention and also to take initial steps to limit the consequences of the event;
  • in case of fire, to take immediate action fighting and rescue of persons, goods and values, to notify the fire department and notify management and police unit;
  • to take initial steps to save and rescue people and property values ​​in disaster;
  • to notify police of any act likely to damage the heritage of unity and to give their assigned tasks of the police to catch criminals;
  • to keep state secret service and, if by the nature of the duties he has access to such data and information;
  • to wear only while on duty means of defense, protection and armament, which may be used only under law regulations;
  • to wear distinctive uniforms and insignia while on duty only, except where jobs require another held;
  • not to consume such alcoholic beverages while on duty or serve duty after alcohol consumption;
  • always confirm presence and not to be absent without good reason and without prior notice to the management unit;
  • to carry out the given duties by he’s superiors, except those clearly illegal, and to be respectful in employment relations;
  • to meet general and particularly instructions.

Note: According to 48th art. of 333/2003 Law

Provision of security agents:

  • uniform for proper season, with BGS signs;
  • protective equipment;
  • identification badge (name, agent name and BGS logo);
  • rubber baton or tonfa;
  • small capacity tear-irritant spray;
  • metal detector, fire proof torch;
  • flashlight, whistle;
  • “hands free” individual lighting device;
  • means of communication – mobile phone, radio station (depending on the mission);
  • service dogs;
  • lethal weapons for security and defense / non-lethal weapons with rubber ball (only at the request of beneficiaries and regarding the law)

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BGS security specialists, based on experience and training in the field, can conduct security needs assessment, feasibility studies, background notes on the size of the security services and their efficiency in order to be consistent with customer needs and requirements of the law .

What is the Consulting service about?

The security advisory service means, according to 20th (6) art.  of 333/2003 Law:
a) assistance in security activities, specialized care of the person, security of transport of goods and values;
b) preparation of analyzes, evaluations and reports on risks to personal security, property or environment

Who can apply for this service?

BGS provides counseling for customers in order to:

  • Identify the real needs, in early collaboration stage;
  • Inform the customer about security risks to whom the objective is being exposed and the security solutions that are available to neutralize these risks; Setup a security system adapted to each objective;
  • Provide a complete security solution.

Customers also benefit from advice on request, consisting of a regular security audit to streamline existing security system, due to changes in objectives or equipment aging.

Consultancy service fee addresses to individuals or legal entities who want:

  • An alternative security solution, a project to set up a complex system of surveillance and monitoring;
  • An evaluation of existing security systems;
  • involves analysis and testing of existing system, where security breaches are identified, recommendations shall be made to improve it. BGS may be requested and suggestions may afterwards be put into practice;
  • Consulting the risk that exposes an organization, social events, politics, entertainment, fairs and exhibitions etc.. – Involves extracting detailed reports about the possible security breach, together with recommendations and practical solutions to reduce risk.

 Activity report

Year Detected offenses by the BGS personnel People placed at the disposal of the Police for investigation Cases solved through prevention The value of goods recovered by BGS agents (Lei)
2017 72 88 79 64229
2016 190 211 204 15425
2015 460 503 833 230029
2014 895 852 58 248900
2013 740 879 28 142196
2012 602 741 40 163560
2011 293 447 36 138784
2010 288 396 44 91336
2009 293 313 29 50118
2008 100 100 180 70500
2007 63 55 117 30150


The security service offered by BGS is the most efficient security service in Romania and it attracted a large number of clients (malls, auto parks, betting agencies and many more) and the operational status of the objectives has become stable and secure. The segment of anti-burglary monitoring and interventions has remained dynamic over the last year, with the number of contracts rising steadily.

Note: All the information presented can be proven by verbal processes.